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Aloha! I am Kara Lynn “Kai” Sanders. I am originally from Heaven. I know I am a daughter of God and am directed by Him to do His work according to His purposes. I am humbled by that realization. Anyone who asks knows I consider myself just a visitor here (to earth) and am just trying to make my way back Home, to my heavenly Home. I was born in Connecticut and lived there for many years before moving to Hawaii. I tell people I was raised in Hawaii because that is where I was “raised” to a new level of knowledge about God, about myself and about the world around me. It is where I started to become a child who would “serve the world.” After four and a half years of tutelage I returned to Connecticut for about six months. I ended up stranded in North Carolina en route to visit a friend in the Georgia prison system. It apparently was where I needed to be because I officially “grew up” to where God needs me to be to do what He needs me to do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A New Start

I've started reading the Book of Mormon again.  I actually don't know the last time I finished it because I've been studying it with such intensity that is has taken quite a while.  It can take me days to get through a chapter or pages and pages of writing in my journal before I am ready to move on to the next message.  Now is the time to share what I'm learning and also what I've learned.

I will post, on a regular basis, what I've learned from my daily messages.  Sometimes I will post things I've learned in the past as the Spirit directs.  Sometimes I will post definitions of words and phrases that may not be familiar to people or share something that might bring a new twist to what tradition has taught.  I'm excited to be speaking out about the things I'm learning and have been learning.  It's an exciting time for me.  I'm looking forward to being dedicated to the pursuit of one of my dreams, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Before you begin reading you should know a little something about my study.  I keep a gratitude journal daily.  I start by writing out the scripture I received the day before, then I write in it five things I am grateful for.  I do not repeat anything more than twice in 10 days and no more than 2 times in six weeks.  I've been doing this for so long now I've gotten to be very creative with my wording and can easily accomplish this feat.  Of course, no one is looking either.  Haaahaaahaa...  Each day one of the entries I am grateful for is about what I've read.  Usually I write I am grateful for something the content of the verses taught me and then expound upon it.

When I've finished my journal entries for the day I then pray for my message for that day.  I open my Book of Mormon to where I left off reading the day before and continue to read until I feel impressed to stop.  Sometimes I know what the message is about.  Sometimes I only have an idea.  And other times I do not have a clue.  Sometimes even when I think I know what it is about I end up learning so much more when I write out the scripture because I get to analyze every word.  And I have come to realize how important each and every word is to the verse, that's why it is there.  It is quite an experience.  Now I'm making it public. 

I have had this blog for several years now and I've wondered what format it should take.  Even when I found out I didn't know how to proceed and didn't feel so compelled to, but now I do and I am excited.  So I hope you'll enjoy the posts.  I hope you'll learn from something I share.  I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us.  Please feel free to comment as you feel impressed.  I look forward to what reading the Book of Mormon this time will reveal to me and hopefully to you too.  Thank you in advance for being on this journey with me.  Love to all who read.  Create a beautiful day.

Peace, Love and God's continued blessings.  Always...(s.m.i.l.e.)
Kara Lynn Kai Sanders

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