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Aloha! I am Kara Lynn “Kai” Sanders. I am originally from Heaven. I know I am a daughter of God and am directed by Him to do His work according to His purposes. I am humbled by that realization. Anyone who asks knows I consider myself just a visitor here (to earth) and am just trying to make my way back Home, to my heavenly Home. I was born in Connecticut and lived there for many years before moving to Hawaii. I tell people I was raised in Hawaii because that is where I was “raised” to a new level of knowledge about God, about myself and about the world around me. It is where I started to become a child who would “serve the world.” After four and a half years of tutelage I returned to Connecticut for about six months. I ended up stranded in North Carolina en route to visit a friend in the Georgia prison system. It apparently was where I needed to be because I officially “grew up” to where God needs me to be to do what He needs me to do.

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Time...

Ok... so, I've had this blog for a couple years now.  It started out as a blog for my attempts to earn money to go to Africa.  Then I felt that it was supposed to be a place where I talked about the revelations or experiences I had in the scriptures.  But as I've been contemplating the title of this blog and what it really means, it came to me that the reason why I was struggling with the content of this blog is because I was trying to keep "the spiritual" separate from the "secular".  I am a daughter of God and a disciple of Christ.  Those two aspects of my life are not one in the same, they are inextricably intertwined.  It is with this renewed sense of purpose that I once again attempt to post to this blog.

Now that I've figured out what to put in it, it will show others how we are as the quote says, "spiritual beings having human experiences, not human being having spiritual experiences."  This means that since I've asked God to direct my life in all its pathways, then there is sacredness in all the aspects of it.  So now...here we go!  Create a beautiful day.  Peace, Love and God's continued blessings.  Always...(s.m.i.l.e.)

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