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Aloha! I am Kara Lynn “Kai” Sanders. I am originally from Heaven. I know I am a daughter of God and am directed by Him to do His work according to His purposes. I am humbled by that realization. Anyone who asks knows I consider myself just a visitor here (to earth) and am just trying to make my way back Home, to my heavenly Home. I was born in Connecticut and lived there for many years before moving to Hawaii. I tell people I was raised in Hawaii because that is where I was “raised” to a new level of knowledge about God, about myself and about the world around me. It is where I started to become a child who would “serve the world.” After four and a half years of tutelage I returned to Connecticut for about six months. I ended up stranded in North Carolina en route to visit a friend in the Georgia prison system. It apparently was where I needed to be because I officially “grew up” to where God needs me to be to do what He needs me to do.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pruned It, Digged It, Nourished It

Jacob 5
5 And it came to pass that he pruned it, and digged about, and nourished it according to his word. 
6 And it came to pass that after many days it began to put forth somewhat a little, young and tender branches; but behold, the main top thereof began to perish.

I couldn't understand the meaning of this scripture when I first read it, but I didn't want to pass it either...neither did I feel like I should.  In fact after I first read it I started chanting, "pruning, digging, nourishing" over and over in my mind.  This morning I was really wracking my mind, searching for an answer when the Spirit began to tutor me.  Thank You Father. 

When this scripture talks about pruning, it doesn't mean just cutting you back or being in situations to be humbled.  It means being put into places where we can grow and removed from those that will destroy us. 
Digging allows us to grow deeper, expand more in our righteousness and nourishing is being invested in the good word of God.

So while it's nice to see the regular leaves there, the actual proof there is growth is found in the "young and tender branches."  While it seems like the main top perishing would be a bad thing, in the allegory it is.  However, in our lives it is another thing entirely because it means the main ideals that previously suited us no longer do.  It means the stuff we no longer need is being removed from our lives and room for the "good" stuff is being made.  Our high-mindedness is brought low.  We'll grow taller and stronger and before long, that top which perished won't be thought of.  It wasn't necessary.  Our new growth will have surpassed the height and strength the old top had. 

WOW!  God is so good.  In the name of Jesus' Christ, Amen.

(entry dated 8/8/2011)

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